Ok We Didn't Really Kill Them All ,But If They Are Around Too Long Who Knows. Here Are Some Pics Of Machines We Have Either Repaired ,Rebuilt Or Converted Over The Past Few Years. Some Are On Location, Others Have Been Sold , Some Are Still In The Boneyard.

Game Pic's
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Championship Bowl
Games Built / Repaired 2008
Megatouch Countertop
Games Built / Repaired 2009
Area 51
Games Built / Repaired 2010
Raiden II   #1
Games Built / Repaired 2011
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Game Pic's

19 In 1 Countertop 1
Games Built / Repaired 2012
Crane Machine Converted To A Rat Cage 2012
Claw Machine Rat Cage Pic #1
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Merrit Pit Boss CounterTop 1
Games Built / Repaired 2013
Games Built / Repaired 2015
19 In 1 MultiGame 1
Smart Industries Panda (Skill Crane)1
Games Built / Repaired 2014
Games Built / Repaired 2016
520 in One MultiGame (1)
Games Built / Repaired 2016 (Slide Show #2)
Blue Trim 60 In One
Games Built / Repaired 2017
New Machines 2017
New Games /As Of 2-9-2018
Games Built / Repaired 2018